April 1, 2019

What Makes a Great Nurse?

A great nurse is a composite of many things.  A few characteristics of a great nurse include skill, training, compassion, strength, values and a solid work ethic.   Some of these characteristics are taught and others are inherent.

A great nurse is a great communicator who can mix this talent with compassion and patience.  The nurse must inform and instruct the patient and their family and sometimes the news they share is difficult to hear and manage.  The great nurse can not only deliver the message clearly but also with empathy and compassion for all concerned. 

A great nurse must be clear headed and be able to think on their feet.  Patients’ statuses can change in an instant. The nurse must react and perform with speed and skill.

A great nurse must be able to multi-task, but still retain a high level of attention to detail.  Nurses simultaneously care for multiple patients all with different needs. They need to be sharp and focused to make sure the right patient receives the right drug, dosage and treatment.    

A great nurse needs to be flexible and adaptable. During a shift a nurse may be part of a team or may work independently.  They need to be a good collaborator and self-motivated. 

Being a great nurse is an impressive feat.  If you are a great nurse and want to work with a great company that recognizes what it takes to do what you do – ATC is here for you.