Work History

Founded in 1985 by brothers David and Stephen Savitsky as a small but nimble healthcare staffing company operating “around the clock” in Queens, New York.

In the decades that followed, ATC Healthcare grew to become a leader in healthcare staffing and healthcare franchising.

ATC Healthcare brings its high-quality staffing system to 60+ territories from coast to coast. Today, David and Stephen serve as our CEO and President respectively, continuing their mission to connect healthcare professionals throughout the field and turn caring entrepreneurs into healthcare franchise partners.

From the first day to today, through acquisitions and expansions, ATC Healthcare has been focused entirely on ensuring that healthcare professionals have the highest-quality staffing solutions available. We’re proud to share that mission with our franchise partners around the U.S.

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A career in health care on your terms

Join the ATC team of professionals to advance your career with flexible work schedules and outstanding benefits. ATC offers challenging assignments, competitive benefits and work schedules that work for you.

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We’re on a mission

From the first days of ATC Healthcare, and still today, ATC Healthcare is on a mission to become the go-to resource nationwide for healthcare communities in need of qualified staff.

Today, thousands of U.S. partners look to ATC Healthcare as the partner of choice to solve staffing problems on demand, from hospitals and residential care programs, to large public health departments, public school systems, medical groups and municipal governments.

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We have nearly 40 years of experience in healthcare franchises

The best way to make an impact in our industry? Help caring, compassionate entrepreneurs make their mark.

Over the past 40 years, we’ve worked to create a healthcare staffing franchise that helps clients, healthcare associates, and franchise partners alike to thrive.

As you plan your future, consider where the healthcare staffing industry is headed, and how our history of compassion and cooperation can help you build the staffing business of the future.

Nearly 40 years of good impressions

Sandra Smith

“I personally recommend ATC Healthcare to anyone who needs healthcare professional services. Come join me at ATC where we provide quality care to our clients coupled with with concern and passion.”

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