A Franchisee’s Urgent Healthcare Staffing Checklist

Aug 12, 2022

As a healthcare staffing franchisee, our mission is to help ensure adequate healthcare staffing at each of our communities’ facilities. The need is ongoing, and it is sure to change often. Success is measured by our ability to respond quickly to the dynamics of the market, supplying qualified healthcare professionals at just the right time and place.

Here’s an urgent healthcare staffing checklist to help prepare for success.

  • Understand our clients’ state of preparedness for upcoming staffing needs. Stay in close contact with the healthcare facilities in each community to understand how well they are meeting staffing needs today, what challenges they have and how they expect needs to change over the next six months. Inquire about specialties that are particularly vulnerable to hiccups and identify candidates with skill sets employers say are in demand.
  • Know how candidates perceive our agency. As a staffing agency, we must always be in recruitment mode. Some agencies try to recruit candidates without having a solid understanding of how they are perceived by recruits. Ask often and tell candidates to be frank. When candidates mention perceived weaknesses, commit to addressing their concerns quickly. Agencies that are perceived as taking care of their people are attractive to well-qualified candidates.
  • Expand our communications reach. Make it a habit to ask candidates where they look for employment opportunities. Email contact is the primary means of staying in touch, but secondary sources should vary based on how candidates respond. LinkedIn is likely to be mentioned often, but other social media sites like Instagram should also be considered based on feedback received. Sites that candidates mention are good bets for online ads. Sponsoring professional continuing education programs is another proven way to reach your
  • Understand what attracts candidates to each facility we staff. Every healthcare facility has a list of positive attributes that temp or contract employees really appreciate. Spend time with temp and contract employees to ask about the benefits of working at a particular facility. Understand the perks of working there, which can be marketed to other candidates with similar priorities and preferences.  

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