Meet Jody Hirst, an ATC Healthcare franchise partner in Mobile, Alabama. Flexibility and ATC Healthcare’s unmatched support have helped Jody build a business and a top-notch team.

Path to ATC Healthcare

Jody’s path to becoming an ATC Healthcare franchise partner wasn’t the most conventional: “I’m a Navy veteran and software engineer from the government contract world,” Jody says. “I don’t think in any universe anyone would choose that as the path to staffing agency ownership but I was tired of living behind a keyboard and I felt the call of entrepreneurship.”

The discipline, work ethic and rigor of the Navy are skills Jody has continuously used in his ATC Healthcare business. “I’ve done a good job of streamlining operations and have hired an amazing staff to operate and grow the business.”


Freedom and flexibility are big benefits of ATC Healthcare ownership for Jody. “I’ve always had a strong work ethic, but now my efforts directly affect my own destiny. I know what I have upcoming or due and can work on it whenever I feel like without my efforts needing to be justified by a timeclock,” Jody says. “Unlimited sick days and telecommunicating aren’t bad rewards either. I can work from the beach if I want to.”

Team Building

As Jody grows his ATC Healthcare franchise, he relies on a great team that can hold down the fort if he is on-site with clients or wants to take a vacation. “With the right staff in place, you can literally work from anywhere in the world,” Jody says. And as important as having a great team in place is, Jody’s dedication to taking care of his team encourages them to do their best and achieve more.

“You need to build a bond between yourself and not only your clients, who become friends, but also with your employees,” Jody says. “You’ll at some point be calling them in the middle of the night to help you help a client. It takes a great working relationship for them to answer that call at 5 a.m. or to scramble to find a babysitter for an assignment with one day notice.”

The ATC Healthcare Difference

ATC Healthcare has the support system in place to help our franchise partners thrive in their local communities. “Having networked with locally owned, homegrown staffing agency owners, unlike them, I don’t worry about whether I’ll make payroll for my 200 employees because a client is late paying an invoice,” Jody says. “Nor do I have to worry about the billing/invoicing and collection from clients as all of that is handled by ATC Healthcare corporate. This leaves me to focus on business operations, growth and marketing.”

We also provide franchise partners, like Jody, with human resources support, IT support, and franchise partner shared resources.

Are you ready to be placed on the path to an ATC Healthcare franchise like Jody Hirst? If so, take the first step by reaching out today to learn more about the ATC Healthcare franchise opportunity.