ATC Healthcare takes franchise support to the next level by providing franchise partners with in-person guidance on an annual basis. Each year, members of the ATC Healthcare corporate team travel the country visiting our franchise partners. These annual face-to-face tête-à-têtes give franchise partners a hands-on refresher course on ATC Healthcare and the ways to grow their staffing franchise.

Annual Visits Strengthen Our Partnership

We believe that the support and partnership franchise partners receive from ATC Healthcare is what makes us stand out against other staffing franchises. ATC Healthcare establishes strong connections with franchise partners throughout the mutual evaluation process and with weekly calls. But we know that chatting on the phone isn’t the same as having a discussion across a table with someone.

Annual franchise partner visits are a great way for us to strengthen our franchise partnerships in ways that provide guidance and encourage our franchise partners to reach out to us with any business concerns they might have. Meeting with our franchise partners in-person allows us to maintain open lines of communication and ensure that franchise partners know they can always connect with us.

Support and Visits Are Tailored to Each Franchise Partner

Due to ATC Healthcare’s strong partnership with our franchise partners, we are able to tailor each visit to what you need that year because we’ve had 51 phone conversations that helped us gauge where you currently are. The relationship you’ll build with ATC Healthcare through weekly calls will help us bring you the materials and knowledge to help you grow your staffing franchise in a responsible way.

The ATC Healthcare franchise development team is nothing if not prepared; they will show up with an agenda to help you maximize your facetime. ATC Healthcare knows there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to franchise support. Even though all franchise partners have access to our national resources, a regional representative and connection with corporate, it is vital to the success of our entire staffing franchise system that you get the support you need. Annual visits from corporate representatives fulfill that promise.

What We Might Discuss During Our Time Together

There is no limit to the conversations you might have with your representative about your ATC Healthcare staffing franchise when they visit your business each year. We encourage you to ask all the questions you might have about marketing, the healthcare staffing industry, finances and more. ATC Healthcare will give you the answers you need or match you with the people who have the necessary expertise.

In addition to helping you address any issues you might be experiencing, these annual visits help us learn. We might spend some of our time learning how you have optimized aspects of your business in innovative ways so we can help other franchise partners. During our visit, we will likely ask you for some feedback. Because we know there is always room for improvement, even for a healthcare staffing franchise with decades of industry experience.

When you franchise with ATC Healthcare, we offer top-notch support from the start. Find out what it is like to partner with us by reaching out today for more information.