What Healthcare Franchise Owners Do and Don’t Handle

Dec 16, 2021

Understanding your role and daily duties as a healthcare franchise partner is an important step to getting the ownership process started. It’s key to not only know your responsibilities but those of the healthcare business, too. That way, you know you’ll have the experience of the franchisor and more time in your day for building your healthcare franchise. At ATC Healthcare, we split these responsibilities and make sure you’re ready to tackle anything that comes your way. Keep reading to learn more about what you do and don’t handle as a franchise partner with us.

What You Handle as a Healthcare Franchise Partner

Owning a healthcare business is a wonderful opportunity to further develop your leadership skills and take on more responsibilities in your professional life. At ATC Healthcare, you will be in charge of several key responsibilities that’ll help your healthcare franchise and business goals move forward.

Local Marketing Strategies

You’ll handle local marketing strategies that can help boost awareness of your services and help staff local facilities with the best associates around. Your knack for marketing and sales—thanks to experience in either or both fields—is useful in developing the right strategies for your business. As franchisor, we’ll also be available to answer any questions you may have or send corporate strategies your way.

Daily Operations

Daily operations is also a major part of your role as franchise partner. As an experienced leader, your team can depend on you to answer their day-to-day needs and questions. Once you’ve been fully trained by our franchise team, we can get you started with a regular schedule. You’ll oftentimes be in contact with clients who express interest in your services or are repeat customers, and you’ll handle any staffing concerns or needs along the way.

What You Don’t Handle as a Healthcare Franchise Partner

While you are certainly in charge of several key responsibilities as a franchise partner, our team at ATC Healthcare also knows you can’t—and shouldn’t—do everything on your own. That’s why our business model has plans in place to help take care of other important aspects, so you have more time to build a business and a staff that you’re proud of.

Back-Office Services

ATC Healthcare stands out in the healthcare franchise crowd thanks to our back-office support. Our team is trained in administrative tasks like invoicing, human resource management, client collections, and IT support—saving you the expense of an outside IT team and accountant and giving you the opportunity to maintain a small team. Your healthcare associates can also benefit from our payment system, which ensures they don’t have to wait on long billing or collections processes. Altogether, our back-offices services are key to keeping your attention on your clients and your healthcare franchise running smoothly.

Prime Territory Selection

For years our staff has helped franchise partners like you find the perfect territory to start an ATC Healthcare franchise. We can help you identify the facilities in several markets that are key to healthcare staffing, like hospitals, colleges and schools, and other businesses that regularly rely on trained healthcare professionals. That way, you have potential clients nearby that can benefit from your staffing services and spread the word about your healthcare franchise. Once you’re established in the territory, our franchise team can even help you prepare to approach and work with these clients, so you don’t have to do it alone.

Own a Healthcare Business Today

Are you ready to learn more about what you do and don’t handle as a franchise partner? Our franchise team at ATC Healthcare is excited to elaborate on your responsibilities and answer any questions you may have. Contact us to learn how you can become a franchise partner with us today.

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