What to Look for in a Healthcare Staffing Firm

Jun 17, 2022

As a healthcare provider, you undoubtedly pride yourself on top-notch staff and high-quality care. A vital part of maintaining those values is preparing for contingencies, such as being short on staff in a crisis situation. When additional healthcare workers are needed, an established relationship with a reputable staffing agency is key. But how can you be sure you’re choosing the right one for your facility?

Here are seven considerations to make when choosing a temporary staffing firm:

Reputation: Above all, this is likely the most important aspect to research. Do they have a strong web presence? Favorable reviews? Any awards or rankings of distinction? How long have they been operational? No one of these things define a firm, but they’re the best, most obvious places to begin.

Availability: How large is their network of workers, and what regions do they serve? For example, if your facility is on the East Coast, but the firm is based in the West, do they have staff based in your area or travelers that can be available on a moment’s notice?

Timing: How quickly can they turn around staffing requests? If there are no available workers in your area, what travel options can be implemented to ensure you get the help you need, when needed?

Screening: What type of screening and background checks do they utilize? Potential workers should be subjected to rigorous vetting, interviews, and testing in order to meet the highest of standards. Make certain you’re not just getting someone who can do the job, but who’s proven they can with excellence.

Process: The process from a provider’s perspective should be clear and smooth – from first call to contract. If you find yourself feeling confused or unclear on details, you should probably keep looking.

Specialty: Does the firm provide skilled/specialty workers? Are those specific skills evaluated prior to employment? Do they employ plenty of workers in your most-needed areas of patient care? Make sure they can meet your needs not just today, but in the future, as well.

References: This one should go without saying, but can be easily overlooked when a facility is in dire need of help. Ask for references, and do your due diligence in checking them. It will pay in the long run.

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