3 Networking Tips for Healthcare Staffing Franchise Owners

Feb 3, 2022

Opening a healthcare staffing franchise could be one of the best opportunities you come across this year. As a medical staffing agency, you’re responsible for supplying healthcare facilities with necessary medical professionals, such as nurses and more.

While a strong understanding of our healthcare system will absolutely help franchise owners who are just starting out, it’s important to know that healthcare staffing is a business that thrives on personal connections and strong networking skills.

Networking is Critical to a Healthcare Staffing Franchise’s Success

In order to effectively launch and promote your healthcare franchise, it’s important that you connect with administrators, healthcare associates, and other decision makers in your area.

1. Know Who’s in Your Market

At first glance, the market for a healthcare staffing franchise may seem obvious — hospitals and urgent care facilities. But to many potential franchise owners’ surprise, the opportunities are far greater than that. Schools, hotels, nursing homes, in-home care facilities, correctional facilities, and even cruise ships all need nurses and other medical professionals at some point. Wherever and whenever people are in need of care, ATC Healthcare is here to help fill gaps in staffing.

As a franchise partner, it’s important that you understand not just the ins and outs of your business but also who in your community could benefit the most from the services you provide.

In addition to businesses and healthcare facilities in your area, you should also reach out to healthcare associates who are looking for work. ATC Healthcare is one of the most respected staffing franchises because we also cater to the needs of healthcare associates. As a staffing agency, we can provide trained medical personnel with temporary positions that pay well, the opportunity to make a difference in their community, and flexible work schedules.

2. Research Them Thoroughly

Now that you’ve identified healthcare facilities and businesses in your area, it’s important to learn all that you can about them. What services do they provide the most? When are they busiest? Are they often short-staffed around the holidays? What’s the biggest challenge they’re currently facing?

You should reach out to the hospital directors, administrators, human resources managers, and office managers of different medical organizations and nonprofits in your area to better understand what they need. By making personal connections while learning how to better serve organizations in your area, you can become the go-to staffing solution for local healthcare facilities and the preferred staffing franchise for healthcare associates.

3. Find Organizations and Professional Groups to Work With

Business networking groups bring like-minded business people together with the goal of fostering local connections. By joining professional organizations, you can build on your existing network, learn from others in a similar position, become involved in ways that benefit your community, and further your skill set.

Though we encourage every one of our franchise partners to get involved in their community, the very nature of franchising means that you’re never without a professional network to turn to. By joining ATC Healthcare, you’ve already positioned yourself ahead of the curve. As a nationwide franchise network, our franchise partners receive extensive support from both our corporate team and other ATC Healthcare franchise owners who understand the experience you’re going through.

ATC Healthcare Lets You Focus on Personal Connections

If you were to start a business from the ground up, there’s a good chance you’d have very little time for networking. But because we take care of invoicing, payroll, collections, and human resources, among so many other things, you have more time to make connections that will help your local medical community operate efficiently.

Even if you don’t have experience in the healthcare staffing industry, our training covers all aspects of business ownership, including networking. We’ll teach you how to best connect with others in the industry, effectively market yourself, and get your name in front of the right people. Get in touch with our team to get started today.

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