ATC Healthcare Services Hits #29 on Franchise Times Fast & Serious List

Jan 9, 2024

ATC Healthcare has become a standout example of growth and innovation in the healthcare staffing industry. Under the visionary leadership of CEO David Savitsky, the company has experienced a remarkable surge in sales, nearly doubling from 2020 to 2022.

This impressive growth, reaching $231 million across 64 units, is a testament to the effective blend of franchise expertise and cutting-edge technology.

The company’s journey, as featured in Franchise Times magazine, is a compelling story of how a company can achieve sustainable growth by harmonizing franchise expertise with technological innovation.

The company’s ability to nearly double its sales in just two years is a clear indicator of its effective strategies and forward-thinking approach.

ATC Healthcare Services Hits #29 On Franchise Times Fast & Serious List

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Franchise Expertise as a Growth Driver

David Savitsky emphasizes the crucial role of franchisees in the company’s success. He believes that the sustainable growth of the business is largely attributed to franchisees diligently following the company’s proven program.

By buying into ATC Healthcare, franchisees are not just investing in a brand but are embracing the rich experience and expertise that the company offers. This approach has been instrumental in the system’s rapid expansion and robust sales figures.


Technological Integration in Staffing Solutions

In recent years, ATC Healthcare has not only relied on its brand experience but has also significantly incorporated technology into its operations. As Savitsky explains, the core of their business involves recruiting personnel and deploying them to client work sites. Recognizing the potential of technology in streamlining this process, the company has recently implemented a sophisticated tracking system.

This system is integrated with the company’s recruiting advertisements on platforms like Indeed. When potential candidates click on these ads, they are automatically entered into the tracking system. This innovation simplifies the application process, allowing candidates to effortlessly submit their applications and credentials.

Furthermore, ATC Healthcare has introduced a scheduling package that revolutionizes how assignments are managed. This technology makes it easier for employees to accept assignments and enables clients to efficiently post job openings. Such technological advancements not only enhance operational efficiency but also significantly improve the experience for both employees and clients.

As ATC Healthcare keeps adapting to the rapidly changing health and medical staffing sector, it sets an example for the industry by showing how blending traditional business knowledge with new technology can lead to success.

Their journey, marked by significant sales growth and industry leadership, serves as an inspiration in the healthcare staffing field.

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