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Nov 20, 2023

ATC Healthcare CEO David Savitsky quoted by Staffing Industry Analysts regarding the pressing industry issue of temporary employee classification. For a more detailed understanding, we invite you to read the full article here.


The Industry Debate: Independent Contractors vs. Employees

In the ongoing debate about the classification of temporary nursing staff, David Savitsky, CEO of ATC Healthcare Services, offers a clear stance. The controversy centers on whether these professionals should be considered independent contractors or employees, a topic that has stirred significant discussion within the healthcare staffing industry.

Jordan Savitsky

“Nurses working through staffing firms as W-2 employees have the same rights to turn down assignments or ask for higher pay,” Savitsky points out.

Savitsky, a seasoned executive in healthcare staffing, firmly believes that temporary nursing staff should not be classified as independent contractors. He argues that there is no substantial difference between the roles filled by temporary nurses through traditional medical staffing companies and those proposed to be classified as independent contractors.

“They really aren’t independent contractors, and they just don’t meet the standard,” Savitsky asserts. “This to me is just a stretch, a big stretch.”

Savitsky highlights the practical aspects of this classification. Staffing firms provide essential support such as insurance, workers’ compensation, disability insurance, and professional liability insurance. These are critical in hospital settings, where injuries like needle sticks, back injuries, and slips and falls are common.

In contrast, independent contractor nurses would need to secure their own coverage and handle their taxes, which, according to Savitsky, does not align with the nature of their work.


Summarized Forbes’ Article

David Savitsky, CEO of ATC Healthcare Services, quickly responded to the COVID-19 outbreak by preparing his team and significantly staffing New York City hospitals with nurses, increasing the company’s business. ATC Healthcare, known for prioritizing workplace safety, is part of the U.S. temporary staffing industry, highlighted in a Forbes and Statista survey that ranks the best staffing firms.

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