Should You Expand Your Healthcare Franchise?

Sep 8, 2022

Franchisees who have enjoyed a taste of success often wonder whether they could manage a second ATC Healthcare franchise and enjoy continued success. Expansion is an important step that deserves serious consideration.


According to franchisees who already manage multiple locations, some of the key factors to consider include:

  • Are you excited about the opportunity? If you feel enthusiasm for it and your energy level is high, give it every consideration.
  • Is this an opportunity to purchase an existing franchise location, or would this be a new branch? The time required to achieve your goals could be longer if it’s a new location.
  • Do you have the support staff you need to succeed in this endeavor? Surround yourself with supportive team members who are eager to help you grow the business.
  • If there is staff in place at an existing location, have they indicated a willingness to continue their work? If it’s a new location, have the staff at your current location indicated a willingness to stretch themselves a bit to help you expand the business?
  • What is the proximity of the proposed franchise location to your existing operation? The experts suggest it should be no more than a four-hour drive, and two or three hours away is preferable.
  • Things like phone conversions and system integrations are necessary. While some administrative tasks that come with opening a new business are par for the course, the lion’s share of back-office needs are handled by ATC Healthcare. This allows you more time to focus on scaling your business.
  • Your physical presence in the community is imperative. People at the facilities you serve need to know who you are and how they can reach you. Having relationships of trust with clients of both locations is necessary.


Our franchisees with successful multiple locations are generally supportive about the prospects of those who would join their ranks. Here are some reasons why they think it makes sense:

  • Considering alternative investment options, almost nothing provides a better risk/reward scenario than running a successful ATC Healthcare franchise.
  • All things being equal, success with your second franchise should come easier than success with your first franchise – you’ll put your past experience into action.
  • Your success will bring a sense of accomplishment and, of course, financial rewards.


ATC Healthcare is a Top 100 Global Franchise and serves more than 65 territories nationwide. Interested in learning about the benefits of owning a healthcare staffing franchise? Visit contact for more information.

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