The Sustainability of Healthcare Franchises

Nov 19, 2021

The healthcare industry is booming—and has been for a while. Thanks to a growing population and increased demand for healthcare services, the need for healthcare associates is constant. With that growing need, healthcare staffing franchises continue to be sustainable options for those looking into franchise ownership.

ATC Healthcare is an expert at helping our franchise partners respond to the increasing needs of the healthcare industry. Continue reading to learn why healthcare facilities are in need of staffing solutions and how ATC Healthcare helps you tap into a sustainable industry using our dependable support and training procedures.

The Growth of Healthcare

Healthcare is a leading sector in the United States thanks to the ongoing need for healthcare services and a growing—and aging—population. With more and more people in need of healthcare, the services of healthcare staffing franchises like ATC Healthcare are consequently in constant demand.

As a franchise partner with ATC Healthcare, you’ll work to staff healthcare facilities with top-of-the-line healthcare associates and help minimize your territory’s staffing shortages. To get you started, we’ll help train you on how to attract and retain the best healthcare associates for your territory’s healthcare facilities. ATC Healthcare even lends a hand with back-office support, so you can focus on your business and continue to tap into the growing healthcare industry.

Associates Are Seeking Flexible Positions

Another reason for the sustainability of healthcare franchises lies in the healthcare associates themselves. Healthcare professionals are increasingly seeking flexible, temporary positions to meet their career goals. They want to have greater control over where and when they work, and they want staffing franchises to provide them the worthwhile positions they prefer. At ATC Healthcare, we’re helping healthcare associates at all levels achieve their goals for sustainable, temporary employment, and helping our franchise partners build sustainable businesses at the same time.

How We Help You Take Advantage of Demand

ATC Healthcare provides training and support for every franchise partner—so they know how to best staff their territory’s healthcare facilities. For instance, we set up pre-training and tele-training to discuss our key marketing tools and local marketing plans. You’re also invited to our in-person training at our corporate headquarters to learn the ins and outs of owning a healthcare business. Once your ATC Healthcare franchise is further along, you’ll receive onsite training as well as a 90-day action plan for your team.

ATC Healthcare continues to distinguish ourselves and remain at the top of the healthcare staffing industry with our back-office services, too. We’ll handle all your healthcare associates’ payrolls—which not only helps you but is an attractive offer to them, too—and ensure they don’t endure long billing processes. You’ll also offer additional benefits to your healthcare associates through ATC Healthcare.

Staff a Growing Industry

The rising needs in the healthcare industry are not going away anytime soon. Now is the ideal time to own a healthcare franchise with ATC Healthcare and help facilities in your territory fill their temporary positions. Get in touch with us today to learn how you can get started.

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