3 Tips for Having a Great Healthcare Franchise Grand Opening

Apr 7, 2022

As a healthcare franchise partner, it’s your responsibility to connect healthcare associates with healthcare facilities that need their services. When launching your ATC Healthcare franchise, it’s important for you to do everything in your power to connect with the right people and develop important relationships within the healthcare space of your community.

The following tips can help you to attract potential clients and qualified candidates as you prepare for the grand opening of your ATC Healthcare franchise.

1. Networking in Your Community

One of the most important things that you can do to prepare for the launch of your healthcare staffing franchise is to connect with key healthcare-focused decision-makers in your community. Healthcare facilities like hospitals and walk-in-clinics may come to mind initially, and there are many more places which have a need for healthcare associates, such as schools, nursing homes, and even cruise ships.

By researching the needs of your community thoroughly, and knowing who to reach out to, you’ll be able to make personal connections that will help you serve your community’s needs better. Introduce yourself to human resource managers, administrators, and hospital directors to establish meaningful relationships. This can help ensure you have a list of contacts ready and waiting the moment you open your doors.

2. Building a Roster of Healthcare Associates

Building a robust roster of healthcare associates is one of the most important components of launching your medical franchise. By having qualified and knowledgeable nurses and other healthcare professionals available, you’ll be able to effectively build your business and provide staffing solutions to organizations throughout your territory from day one.

With the help of ATC Healthcare, you will learn how to find and vet these healthcare specialists while offering the right perks that will entice healthcare associates to work with you. The sooner you build your roster of healthcare experts, the better prepared you’ll be for your big launch.

3. Relying on ATC Healthcare for Support

At ATC Healthcare, we are able to help franchisees navigate the healthcare staffing space by providing ongoing marketing and operational support, especially when first launching your business. As you continue to immerse yourself in the healthcare space, it’s natural to have questions about running and growing your business: rest assured that you are not alone.

Even before your ATC Healthcare franchise opens, you’ll have access to ongoing operational support and complete back-office services—something no other healthcare franchise provides. This means we handle all of the payrolls, billing, benefits, IT, and much more while you focus on seizing more business opportunities.

Contact ATC Healthcare Today to Help You Get Started

As the public need for high-quality healthcare continues to grow, healthcare staffing franchisees have the opportunity to provide healthcare facilities with the temporary staffing solutions they need to support their communities.

With an extensive support network, ATC Healthcare can help you to navigate the healthcare staffing space to open and expand your business. From choosing the right territory to sourcing associates and marketing your grand opening and beyond, we’re here to help.

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of becoming a healthcare staffing franchise partner with ATC Healthcare.

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